For Immediate Release: March 19, 2020 – Painesville, Ohio

On March 17, when the Lake County Commissioners announced the closure of county buildings to the public, work continued in county government from another perspective!

How does the job get done when the customers can’t be the customers? Since July 5, 2005 it was Recorder policy to not accept Deeds or other documents transferring an interest in real estate by mail, due to the many approvals needed. Each day customers travel the county government hallways getting these approvals. But now customers can’t get in the building! Does this important economic engine then come to a halt? Not in Lake County where three departments got together and improvised! They figured out how to ‘keep the economic motor runnin’! Documents can now be dropped at a designated location and securely ‘walked through’ the maze of approvals, ultimately landing right where it needs to be, the Recorder’s Office, where the magic happens and the Official Public Record expands. The dedicated staff at the Lake County Recorder Office gets the job done for the county economy even while the county building is closed!

Thankfully, three county leaders found a way and the Recorder, Engineer and Auditor keep the transfers flowing through the multiple steps. Recorder Lynch, then crafted an authorization statement to accompany the filings and ensure an organized and productive outcome for customers. This process is working so far and the level of business activity in the Recorder Department is staying strong. In addition, Recorder Lynch has implemented a fast track for Lake County to electronically record Deeds and transfer documents which, once operational, can insulate these document types from filing volatility in the future. Business-minded Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch says, “Timing is key for this excellent process, we are proactively preparing to offer this added convenience and security for Recording Department customers.”

Finally, Recorder Office services and access to records continues with added effort from our staff giving new meaning to excellent customer service! Recorder Lynch added, “Thanks to all personnel and elected officials who have taken great care to keep our people safe during this challenging time, our sincere appreciation to every citizen for your patience!”

Contact: Becky Lynch

Phone: 440-350-2510 Cell: 678-662-8839



March 19, 2020

December 29, 2019

For Release;

Becky Lynch

June 1, 2019

For Release;

Lake County Ohio Recorder Staff secures $108,183.00 for the county

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February 21, 2019 - Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch Preserves Records!

For Immediate Release: Lake County Ohio; Painesville

The Lake County Recorder keeps the important land records of Lake County safe and in accessible condition for all who need them. Beginning from 1840, Lake County land records prove property ownership. When Recorder Becky Lynch saw that certain records were showing severe wear and tear, she decided to contract the Kofile Laboratories to bring these historic and necessary records back to life! Finally our Lease Indexes have returned to their home on the shelves in the County Land Records Room. These records went to the restoration lab as four books and came back as five! Lease Index Volume 4 pictured below, is now Volume 4-Firms and Volume 4-Individuals. The restoration process to preserve these records took several months. The Records Commission established new policy for the process and thankfully the information contained in these historic and critical Lake County land records has been saved. The time and effort was well worth it at a project cost of $8,764.00. Many thanks to our great staff for working with all of our customers to help during the transition time. Index-To-Leases 1A, 2, 3, and 4-Firms, 4-Individuals, are now beautifully preserved and in much more stable condition to stand the test of time for all the future customers of the Lake County Recorder Office. Please contact Becky Lynch for more information.

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Contact: Becky Lynch, Lake County Recorder

Office: 440-350-2510 Direct: 440-350-2508


February 27, 2018 - Recorder Lynch Warns of Deed Scams

For Immediate Release: Lake County Ohio; Painesville

Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch Announces Unanimous Passage of Legislation to Protect Ohio Homeowners

Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch announced today that legislation to help protect Ohio’s homeowners, seniors and other unsuspecting populations against deceptive marketing practices, has unanimously passed both the House and Senate Chambers. Amended House Bill 52 comes in response to deed solicitation scams which have plagued many Ohioans, including first time homeowners and our senior citizens, whereby companies will send official looking notifications that a homeowner may need a copy of their deed, and then in order to obtain their deed copy, they will charge typically in the range of $80.00 to $90.00. Homeowners can typically obtain a copy of their deed from the county recorder’s office for a minimal fee.

Amended House Bill 52, makes several reforms to regulate this solicitation of real property deeds.

Among the provisions under Amended House Bill 52 it is required that specific disclosures be make to consumers when they are solicited a fee for real property deeds. These include; showing the cost to obtain the deed from the county recorder, listing the contact information for the county recorder, informing the name and address of the person soliciting the fee.

The bill also prohibits charging more than four times the cost to obtain a copy of a deed from the county recorder. A violation of these requirements falls under the Ohio Consumer Practices Act and may result in a fine. The bill was sent to the Governor for his signature and was signed into law 2/8/2018, effective 90 days from the signed date.

For more information, contact the Lake County Recorder’s office at 440-350-2510

June 7, 2017 - Recorder Lynch Secures $108,183.00 Return of Funds for Lake County

For Immediate Release: Lake County Ohio; Painesville

Lake County Lost and FOUND! $108,183.00

'Where I come from, you get what you pay for and if not, you get a re-fund', Becky Lynch responded to the vendor who fell short of delivering on a major media conversion project in the Lake County Recorder Office.

In 2015 the project was contracted to scan in and upload five years of regular document images from 1986 to 1991 into thousands of online digital format. It took longer than anticipated and subcontractor timing and scanning errors piled up, causing mistakes in thousands of document images. After five months of trying to resolve a virtual of document errors and irregularities, discovered intermittently throughout the project, the newly elected Recorder, Becky Lynch, decided that accuracy and completeness of the Public Record was too important to leave to chance. She says, the right thing to do if a contract is unfulfilled, is to get your money back. The invoices had all been paid in 2016 and the money was spent, but that did not deter the free-market thinking, business-minded Recorder. Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch deposited back to Lake County, $108,183.00 on June 1, 2017. These tax dollars, almost lost but now FOUND, were thankfully rescued, and will be put to better use for the people of Lake County.

Contact: Becky Lynch, Lake County Recorder

Office: 440-350-2510 Direct: 440-350-2508