Real Estate Recording Guidelines

Real Estate Recording Guide...

  1. Documents that are transferring interest need to go through the Auditor's Office prior to recording. They must include the transfer stamp.
  2. Prepare documents legibly according to the statutory requirements, or in the abscence of statues, according to the best practices, leaving sufficient blank space for recorder's stamp. (See Standard Guidelines ORC§317.114.).
  3. Property title, date and execute the documents including typed names and titles beneath signatures. Make sure each name and signature is consistent throughout the document.
  4. Properly witness and/or acknowledge all documents according to the law, including a complete (commission expiration) and legible (printed name as well as signed) notary public.
  5. Include the complete legal description of the property on recordings where required by law.
  6. Properly reference previously recorded documents when you submit subsequent related documents for recording. This includes document number or book & page and recording date.
  7. Include the name of the preparer on each document recorded.
  8. Most all documents are $34.00 for the first two (2) pages and $8.00 for each additional page.
  9. Include the correct filling fee and use separate checks IF you think the documents are not compliant.
  10. Include a self-addressed stamped evelope for return of the original documents. If we provide one you will be charged postage upon delivery.
  11. Please check to make sure that all of your documents are complete before presenting to this office.

Real Estate Recording Guidelines

Standard Recording Guidelines per the Ohio Revised Code §317.114

Computer font size of at least 10 pt

Minimum paper size - 8 1/2 by 11 inches

Maximum paper size - 8 1/2 by 14 inches

Black or blue ink ONLY

No use of highlighting

Margins of 1 inch on each side and bottom of each page

3 inch margin on the top of the first page reserved for Auditors/Recorder stamps

1 1/2 margin on the top of each remaining pages

The goal is document standardization, but the County Recorder must accept any document even if it does not conform to the new guidelines. However, the County Recorder will charge a $20.00 penalty fee in addition to the standard fee. This law does not apply to the following: Any documents from any court or taxing authority, Plats, DD214's, Any state or federal document, any documents executed before July 1, 2009.

*on July 1, 2009, House Bill 525 went into effect which created standardized guidelines for documents recorded in all State of Ohio Recorder's Offices.