Frequently Asked Questions


1Can I receive a document by email?
Click here for our email policy
2How can I find out background information on a parcel of property in Lake County?
You can search past owners of a parcel of property by searching our on line indexes (from 1986 forward) and also by visiting the Engineer's Tax Map Office located on the second floor of Building B. The Engineer's Tax Map Office phone number is (440) 350-2501
3How do I obtain the property value, past sales prices, and current real estate taxes assessed
Visit the Auditor's website at and look up the information.

If you have any problems, contact the Lake County Auditor's Office at 440-350-2528 or email the Auditor at

4Can you check to see if there are certain issues pertaining to my property?
The Recorder's office cannot perform searches for the public, however, all records kept within the Recorder's office are public record. If you have any questions regarding your property, please feel free to come to the office and perform the search yourself. We will be happy to aid you in your search.

Also, you can try the Online Document Index Search system to see if the information you need is contained within the document index.

5My mortgage has been paid off. When will I receive the deed to my property?
You should have received your deed when you purchased your property. We do not maintain the original deed, but we maintain a copy. If you would like a copy, the cost is $2.00 per page.
6Does the Lake County Recorder handle that marriage licenses and are they online?
We do not handle marriage licenses in the Recorder's office. They are handled by the Lake County Probate Court - Marriage Department. Call them at 440-350-2160.
7Can you please tell me how to obtain a copy of my birth certificate?
Contact the Lake County Health District Department of Vital Statistics at 440-350-2549 or email them from their website at
8My spouse has passed away. How do I remove him/her from the deed?
The Recorder's office duties are restricted to the recording of legal documents, and do not include the preparing of such documents. To resolve a deed issue such as this, please contact an attorney for any legal advice.
9Where is the Recorder's Office located and when is it open?
The Recorder's office is located on the lower level at:

105 Main Street Painesville, OH 44077

We are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please visit our office information page for more information.

10What are your filing fees?
Our fees are dependant on what types of documents are involved. Please visit our Schedule of Fees page for more information.
11How do I file a mechanic lien?
We can only record documents and are not responsible for preparing items such as liens, which must be complete before coming to the Recorder's office. Please contact an attorney for legal advice.
12How can I contact you?

Phone: (440) 350-2510

Fax: (440) 350-5940


13Has my mortgage been cancelled?
We cannot perform searches on mortgages for the public, but are available to help you perform a search within the office. Also, you may search the Online Document Index Search system to check if a release has been recorded on your mortgage.