Record a Deed

A deed must be recorded in person, UNLESS the deed already reflects ALL of the necessary auditor and engineer stamps and approvals. The deed must be legibly prepared, signed, and notarized BEFORE presented for recording.

NOTE: Transfer on Death Beneficiary Designation Affidavits do not need to be transferred in the Auditor's Office and can be mailed directly to this office for recording. (Please include the proper recording fee and self-addressed stamped envelope.)

Recording A Deed In Person

  1. Take your deed to the Lake County Transfer Office (Auditor’s Office – 1st floor). There, you will complete and sign an “Exempt Form” or a “Conveyance Fee Form”. Conveyance fees ($4 per $1,000 of valuation are paid to the Auditor. In addition, there is an additional transfer fee payable to the Auditor of $.50 per parcel. The Auditor will stamp the deed and return it to you.
  2. Then you will take the deed to the Lake County Recorder’s Office in the Lower Level of the Administration Building. There you will need to pay a state mandated fee of $34 to the Lake County Recorder for the first two pages of the deed and $8 for each additional page. The Recorder will process the deed while you wait and return the recorded deed back to you.

Recording A Deed By Mail ALL Auditor and Engineer Stamps MUST Be Reflected

  1. Mail the deed to the Lake County Recorder’s Office, 105 Main Street, PO Box 490, Painesville, OH 44077
  2. Include a brief cover letter explaining exactly what you want done.
  3. Include a check made payable to the Lake County Recorder for the proper recording fee. (See fees explained above.)
  4. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope. The Lake County Recorder will record your deed and mail the original document back to you when the recording process is complete.
  5. If the deed does not have the proper Auditor’s stamp and Engineer approval, the document will be rejected and returned to you.